What Attractions Can You Expect on you Andaman Trip

Its located in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are highly popular for their scenic beauty and serene surroundings. For honeymooners couple, casual vacationers out with family or friends or even solitary trippers like to visit the place and soak in its natural beauty. If you are planning to visit or avail an Andaman Tourism package including scuba , you can expect to see the following attractions.


Part of the popularity of Andaman Islands is due to its amazing sandy beaches, such as Ramnagar beach, Radhnagar beach, Karmatang beach and Harminder Bay beach. These are some of the most famous beaches in the area, and are ideal for bathing in the sea and basking under the sun. You can also visit the Neil Island, which is located at a distance of about 36 km from Port Blair. It is an amazing island that comprises of sandy beach and lush green forests. It offers a fine harmony between man and the nature.If you are a newly wed couple Neil Island is highly recommended in your Andaman nicobar honeymoon trip itinerary for its romantic and isolated beaches.


There are lots of museums in this place. You can visit the Zoological Survey of India Museum which is located in the Andaman Teal House. This is a famous museum which contains amazing varieties of animals, such as centipedes, insets, corals, sponges and colorful butterflies. You can visit it on any working day. There is also the Samudrika, a naval marine museum where you can find all underwater objects like rare fishes, shells and corals. If you visit the Phoenix Bay, you can also check out the Anthropological museum where you can find many specimens of aborigines. If you want to know about the rich heritage of Andaman Nicobar Islands, you can check out at the Smritika museum that is situated in Ross Island. In Andaman Islands, forest museum, fisheries museum and the zoological survey of India museum are some other exciting museums to check out.

Chidiya Tapu

This is a treasure trove of lush green forests and also mangroves. The place is located about 25 km distance away from Port Blair, which is located at the southernmost tip of South Andaman. There is a small hill with a Forest Guest House situated atop, which offers an amazing view of the serene islands where precious corals can be found. It has an attractive biological park where you will love to check out specimens of animal life. This is the spot that offers amazing views of sunsets to visiting tourists. No matter which of the India Holiday andaman tour package you choose for a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chidiya Tapu must be in it.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is located some distance away from Port Blair. It is a very famous attraction in the area. It contains attractive and rare specimens of marine life and underwater objects. Other than views of mangrove forests, it offers amazing views of creatures of the deep sea and coral reefs. This park is located in Wandoor and is around 45 minutes driving distance away from Port Blair.